Friday, April 22, 2011

Lindy's Red Lion Has It All

Jim, the owner

This little hole in the wall has the best burgers you can find, with a huge variety to choose from. I got a chance to meet with owner, Jim Eckels, and had a fairly long conversation.  If you happen to run into Jim he's a soft spoken nice guy, with a great sense of humor and plenty of stories about GWU and the Foggy Bottom Neighborhood. Lindy's is located on the corner of I St. and 21st St.   There's an easily accessible 'to go' area downstairs, a patio with some tables outside for sunny days, a bar with a few tables upstairs and a third floor with several tables to sit down for lunch.  Lindys has it all.  If you like cheeseburgers there are almost 30 different kinds to choose from, with some really unique selections, such as a Pearl Harbor burger with teriyaki and pineapple or a Red Skins burger with spicy salsa and tangy nacho cheese.  They also have chicken sandwiches, subs, hot dogs, and more.  You may think that it sounds like dressed up bar food. Well thats what it is. And its really really really good.   .  To read more click the link here.  To see the menu for Lindy's Red Lion click here 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Danger! Danger!

Dangerously Delicious pies, originally of Baltimore, actually has two locations in DC.  One located in the up-and-coming Atlas District on H St. in North East, and the other on wheels.  That's right, another foodtruck.  At this point the city is over run and we are loving it.  Any day of the week be sure to check to find out where this truck or any others can be located.  The North East location is right between the Rock & Roll Hotel and the Biergarten Haus, which means they are open late just like their neighbors. Although a little bit on the expensive side of $6.- for a slice the quality for the cost makes it worth while.  A slice of pot pie or key lime pie is perfect after a night out on the town, so make sure you include this in your Atlas District itinerary.  They are also getting another foodtruck on May 1st, so be on the look out for both of them.  Check them out here at

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

an Unexpected Taste of Home

This unexpected find in Georgetown reminds me of a thousand lobster/fry shacks I've seen in my life.  The only difference is, it's the only one here in DC.  As a real New Englander that grew up on the coast I'm not a big fan of lobster.  Odd, I know, but when every other yard has lobster traps stacked 15 feet high in your neighborhood, well I just don't see the appeal.  But for me there's nothing better than fish and chips, I guess I'm just not jaded there yet, and the tackle box really does it right.  The lobster roll is a very good lobster roll, if you're into that sort of thing.  One of the best draws, if you just happen to be walking by and want a quick, easy, tasty snack is the fish tacos.  Being generally a coastal dweller, I always order fish tacos when I'm down in the islands, I was very pleased with the cost, quality and taste of these fish tacos for only eight bucks for two and $11 for three. Definitely worth stopping by if you're in the neighborhood. Click here for more details and a menu!

Is This City Big Enough?

There's competition all over town for the best parking.  But the competition is really heating up for the food trucks of DC. You can see them all over town and they are all competing for parking spaces close to your work, as well as trying to out-do one another.  The food from all of the different food trucks is very good and seems to be getting better.  Tasty Kabob is just that...really really tasty.  The portions were big, they tasted fresh and flavorful. I did bite into a bone, which wasn't fun, so watch out for that!  Other than that, if you happen to walk by Tasty Kabob parked in front of your office. Look no further for a tasty convenient lunch.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Guide For Every Day Inexpensive Dining In Washington, DC

In today’s fast paced society, many meals end up being eaten out rather than getting a traditional home cooked meal.  The problem with that is that we all miss comfort food in the way that our families used to make it. Constantly eating meals out can get rather expensive. The purpose of this blog is to highlight some of the DC areas best inexpensive places to eat, while still getting a taste of home.  This does not imply that it will necessarily be American comfort food, but rather that it comes from an independently owned restaurant, that incorporates a traditional (no matter from where) type of cuisine. If you are looking for a comfortable place to eat, with the total bill coming to, around or less than $20, then you have come to the right place.  Places such as Chipotle, Au Bon Pain and Pret a Manger have perfected the grab-and-go style eatery, falling somewhere between a fast food giant (e.g. McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King) and a traditional sit down restaurant. The perceived value of these types of places is overshadowed by the comfortable style that many of them have incorporated into their design, or the “Starbucks” model.  A chain that is made to feel like a neighborhood shop, has replaced the actual neighborhood coffee shop or eatery.  The phrases “go local” and “buy local” are not often heard in a metropolis like DC but that is the point here. These terms are often confused with and muddled together with terms like organic and free-range.  The purpose of this blog is not to provide readers with information on where to go to eat organically raised products, but to provide them with information on where to go to support local businesses that are family owned (or at least independently owned), convenient, and reasonably priced. 

If DC is at the Heart of the Country, then Langston Bar and Grille is the Soul of the City

This untraditional soul food kitchen puts out wonderful dishes with a modern feel but traditional taste.  Everything on the menu is under twenty dollars and tasty as could be. The menu has everything from grits to oxtail, salmon cakes, pulled pork, collared greens and meatloaf.  Every item on the menu seems to be prepared with all the care and attention that you'd find in any fine dining restaurant, but the food is unpretentious and tastes great.

Everything is fresh and the atmosphere is comfortable and fun.  There’s two floors and an out door patio.  The place is a bit out of the way but it’s the only real option in the neighborhood on Benning Rd.  NE.  The chef here knows how to cook fish perfectly and the pork chop is a hefty meal.  I know I for one will be coming back. As a northerner, this Southern/Soul Food makes me realize what southern hospitality is all about. Click here for the website.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sâuçá’s All Over Town!

The Sâuçá Grill Food Truck

Farhad. Food Truck King of DC

This is the fourth Sauça truck and it’s one of the main reasons why the Sauca name has developed such a positive reputation in DC.  This truck is known as the Sauca Grill for its grilled kabob.

Farhad, the owner, seems to make appearances all over the city with the trucks. He uses his grandmother’s recipe for this tasty beef and lamb kabob, served with a cucumber yogurt sauce.  It’s a middle-eastern classic served conveniently on the sidewalks of DC.  The kabob is served over basmati rice, grilled flatbread or a lettuce tomato salad with lime balsamic for only 8 dollars.  The food is tasty and the price is right.

  The location of the truck as well as all of the other Sauca trucks can be found on  

Here is a short video that features Sauca as well as two other trucks.  It does a good job of showing what Sauca is all about.